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She is a world renowned management consultant with over 30 years’ experience. She has worked around the world with executives of fortune 500 retail companies, small family businesses and everything in between, as well as government, security services and media people. She is especially interested in Dialogic leadership. Her focus is on executive team building and the transition from manager to leader. Being a qualified psychotherapist and trainer supports her work and enables going to any needed depth in the most challenging situations. Talia is a co-founder of the Jerusalem Gestalt Institute and a visiting trainer in Europe and USA. She is a former head of the Gestalt MSc program at Metanoia Inst. London. Beyond her many publications in journals, Talia was also on the editorial board of the British Gestalt Journal and is now on the editorial board of the Gestalt Review. She has published two edited books; “The Bridge – Dialogue Across Cultures” and “Gestalt therapy – advances in theory and practice”.

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Bridging of difference

Mostly everywhere we point to on the globe we find  conflict and disagreement at best, wars and refugees at worst.

The mission is two-fold. First step to explore difference and define fundamental core principals to each culture, and then cultivate the wish to coexist safely. Gestalt philosophy of being gives us a philosophical tool enabling the bridging of difference. The lecture will address the unique Gestalt method of using the Buberian dialogue as a tool to a dialogue between phenomena in the field.